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Hat Care 101


Men & Women come into our store and grab a HAT by its Crown. I know John Wayne taught us this in all the movies BUT it was the MOVIES! By doing this our hands soil the Crown and weaken the area that is being touched. In this case the Crown will breakdown, form holes and have exaggerated creases.

Steps to follow to put a HAT on

  1. Pick your HAT up from underneath with two hands
  2. Put it on in a forward and aft  downward motion
  3. Tap down on the top and away you go.

When removing the HAT

  1. Use two hands to lift and place down .

If you follow these steps and store your HAT properly your HAT will be in Great shape for a long time to come.

Womens HATS need special care as well.

Some Women pick up a HAT by its Brim causing breakage to the Brim. Women need to follow the same instructions as the Men’s and everyone’s HATS will last much longer.

Our goal is to always deliver you a Hat that has had the respect of its spectators regarding handling. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy and enjoy your headwear.